Organizing the stress out of home buying!


No more filtering: MUSTWANTS ranks your options

Compatibility Score

Identify your Must and Wants in a home, and MustWants will ORGANIZE the results in order of compatibility. 


Rack and Stack

Easily move homes around to PRIORITIZE your favorites in rank order from top to bottom.


Work Together

Buyers, agents, friends, and family can COLLABORATE and COMMUNICATE  more effectively.



Make note of upgrades or work needed and even nickname the homes.

MustWants Coverage

Explore this interactive map to see if a MustWants Associated Real Estate Agent is available to help you in your home search.

woman in military uniform sitting on front door step

Active duty military members move EVERY 2 YEARS on average versus 13 years for civilians.

The PCS stress is REAL!

MustWants™ was created by veterans to help improve the home search process by allowing you to aggregate home results based on YOUR MUSTS, WANTS, and DON’T WANTS, so you don’t waste your time looking at houses that are not a good fit.

Mobile First

Most younger buyers use a phone for the majority of their home search.  MustWants is designed specifically for a mobile experience.


of all buyers used the internet to search for homes


Spent an average of 8 WEEKS searching for a home

Spent 3 WEEKS searching on their own before contacting an agent

Viewed an average of 9 HOMES


of buyers started looking online as their first step in the home buying process

Home buying done effIciently.

The majority of buyers report that finding the right property is the most difficult part of the home buying process.  MustWants makes it easier. 


of buyers said finding the right property was the most difficult step of the home buying process


of all home buyers are active duty or veterans


of buyers listed convenience to job as a key influence in neighborhood choice

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