Scott & Jessica, the founders of MUSTWANTS, moved nineteen times during their Military careers. These moves were extremely stressful being a dual military family and navigating deployments.

For Scott and Jessica, and so many Military families, managing a home search is agonizing. Sometimes separated by thousands of miles, sometimes by none, aligning on priorities hurts.

Communication can be challenging for any family, let alone a dual military family, no matter the distance. Yes, times have gotten better with the advent of real estate search engines. But home buyers still need a way to organize their search and communicate with each other.

So Scott gathered fellow veterans, their spouses, home buyers, and real estate professionals and built MUSTWANTS.

What they came up with is a solution for not only all Home Buyers, but Real Estate Professionals and Lenders!

MUSTWANTS opens the communication channels, ensures collaboration and just plain awareness for all parties.

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